Janet Bassindale

Acrylic Art

Grindleford from Haywood

The photos for this painting were taken by a friend in mid-May from the woodland walk above Grindleford Village which is known as the Hay Wood. In late spring the woods were covered with bluebells. The trees were not yet in full leaf so there was more visibility of the houses and buildings. Using artistic licence some trees have been removed for the painting. The photos were taken on a very sunny and warm spring day and visibility was very good.

The painting portrays the community of Grindleford, the school, the Sir William pub, the cricket pitch, the playground, the Sir William Hill Road which climbs steeply from the war memorial, .and takes you to Eyam. From the same point the lower road B6001 goes to Hathersage.

To the right of the picture can be seen just one half of "the house with the eyebrows" and a very ancient cottage which may have hosted John Wesley.


Canvas Size 30x24 in (76x61 cm)

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